Finally, the waiting is drawing to a close: in a few days, ProWein 2017 will open its doors! With pride and passion, the winegrowers from all the majority of the winegrowing regions across the world present their collections.

6257 exhibitors in total, an overwhelming selection and an inspiring exchange with the who’s who of the scene. The fair represents the opportunity to taste the new vintages of the most noteworthy wines, and to discover the other part of Italian production, the secret and hidden one.

So walking around through the fair, what about visiting Halle 15 stand C37 to know one of them?

That’s the place, where Colli Euganei will perform their presence in ProWein. Would you like some good reasons to taste this small jewelry of the Veneto wine region? To discover wines which speak about territory, tradition and passion. To prove how relevant is the climate, the geomorphology and the human factor to turn an international grape into an indigenous one and to give home to the rare yellow Muscat for an extraordinary product.


Colli Euganei are often referred to as “sea cliffs” that stand up proud in the heart of the eastern part of the Po Valley. The hills were formed by a series of volcanic eruptions around 35 million years ago, and cover a total area of approx. 19,000 hectares. Since 1989, thanks to their special characters they have been protected by the Colli Euganei Regional Park Authority. This group of hills stands out on the south-west horizon of the province of Padua, at approx. 60 kilometres from Venice and, in fact, on a clear day the clock tower in St. Mark’s Square can be seen from the top of Mount Gemola.

The first human settlements date back before time memorial and vines have been cultivated from the start. The vocation of this land is part of its destiny, and thanks to all the hard work and passion of the vine-growers the Euganean wines have reached truly excellent quality levels.

These hills form a natural frame for Venice and are home for Muscat vines, first and foremost the yellow Muscat which travelled from the far off lands of Mesopotamia, to then settle in these slopes where they became truly excellent. The Colli Euganei are also the home of Serprino a Garganega, Merlot, Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The last reason to visit Halle 15 C 37 at ProWein, is about the style. The Italian ones, that consumes wine matched with food. And the pairing this year is with a special selection of cheese aged in Moscato. No other words, just tasting. So let’s meet at Dusseldorf.


Colli Euganei Halle 15 stand C37.